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Adding the extra touch with craft


Corten House

Wrapping of house modules in pre-aged corten with no visible fixings

This was a truly amazing project. We were contacted by the architect after they had seen another project where we had developed our concealed fixing system for steel rainscreen cladding. The brief was to wrap the house modules in pre-aged corten with no visible fixings. Each cassette module needed to maintain an even negative detail, and the wall panels needed to align seamlessly with large opening steel shutters covering the windows.

This was a challenge, but this is where the team at Sheet Metalcraft comes into their own. After a lot of on-site measuring and consulting with the builder and the architect, we were able to come up with a solution.

The result is truly outstanding but would not have been achievable without some serious collaboration between trades.


A video tour of the Corten House can be watched here.

For more of our products, head over to Charred Living NZ.

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