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Adding the extra touch with craft


Pivot Door

Winner of the internationally recognised FritsJurgens award for Best Exterior Pivot Door in 2022.

This design amazed the jury with its ingenuity and beautiful materials. The unique door handle oozes craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail:


"We chose this door because of its pure design. The offset handle is very creative, the materials are amazing, and the design enhances the architecture" - Jury board member Fuse Architects & Builders. 

The pivot handle becomes an integral and sculptural part of the door and its operation. With a larger-than-life positive pad handle on the exterior and the inverse negative handle on the interior, the seamlessly crafted steel door flows effortlessly through to the interior. And, through its modes of operation, celebrates the details in many alignments of interior finishing as you are welcomed into the home.”   

This big and beautiful 350kg piece of art took 10 men to lift into place, and was the result of hours of clever design and consultation between the architect, builder and our design team. The blued steel finish inside and out showcases the character of the steel, while giving it a welcoming warmth.

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