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Spiral Staircase

A new build with the client looking for a feature to really set the house apart.

We were approached by a client building a new house looking for a feature to really set it apart - A massive spiral staircase to allow access from the front foyer to the second floor.

The design process was managed in house and after many site measures and discussions with the builder and the owner, shop drawings were approved and we were ready to start!

The final finish of the staircase was to be raw steel finish which makes fabrication of such a large structure challenging, but to make things even harder we had to crane the feature and corkscrew it down through a section of the roof that had been left open.

Being able to manufacture everything in house from sheet metal, heavy engineering, machining and cnc profile cutting is critical to the success of a project like this. It enables us to maintain the high levels of quality required at critical points in the process.

The day scheduled for install was in the middle of a winter blizzard. The builders made a huge effort to ensure the raw steel was covered to inhibit any rust forming until the roof could be covered in.

Install went perfectly, and the staircase fitted exactly as planned.

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