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Cutting edge profiling services

Southland firms no longer need to send their precision work out of town – with the worlds Southern-most laser and Waterjet profiling service now available at Sheet Metalcraft it's possible to save on freight without compromising on quality.

Our 4kw Laser cuts up to 25mm Mild Steel, 16mm Stainless and 10mm Alloy.  We cut and stock a wide variety of material. Lasercutting is the fastest cutting procedure in the engineering game and we’ve gone one-step further with a fully automated loading system allowing large production runs of similar or dissimilar materials and thicknesses.

With Invercargill’s only computer numerical controlled Water Jet Cutter, we can accurately cut out from any material up to 165mm thick.  With no heat build-up we can do what others simply cannot.

Amada FOM2 CO2 Laser

  • Mechanized plate loading system (MPL) capable of loading / unloading up to 4T of material hands free

  • 4kw Fanuc power source

  • Dual shuttle tables

  • Max. cutting area - 1550mm x 3070mm

Material Capacity
Mild steel                  25mm
Stainless steel           16mm
Aluminium                 8mm


Flow Mach 1C Water Jet

  • 60,000 PSI at cutting tip

  • Cuts any material up to 165mm in thickness

  • 4000mm x 2000mm bed capacity

  • No heat affected cutting edges

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